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two world university UNO and OCWC on line and free pro level
We have Two university thisweek a world level on line and free  and the top level United
 Nations in new york skyrocket people university with 200 students in the first day and the students are chineses  and in this week The OpenCourseWare Consortium an organization leader carnegie mellon an hundreds of  univerities of the world are puting free all the contents of pro level ,enginering and posgrade master MBA and posgrsde doctorate on line and free is absolutely amazig y big surprise  the best universities of the world give to you the option for study in your computer by internet and just now .I subscribe in OCWC and my university asigned is the Universdad autonoma de santo domingoUASD . but ihave 1 hundred  universities in the world and every day a lot of universities are incorporated to the Consortium.In mexico the partner is ITESM the tec the mos t expensive high school of mexico like carnegie mellon in USA.Is very important develop the team for skyrocket the project develop the structure in adecuate form and nothing stop the


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